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Stock art is available from our vast selection of exhibits created for previous cases. Just as with custom art, it is available in traditional or electronic formats. Our selection is constantly updated so check back regularly.

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Abdominal Aorta, Trocar Penetration
Views of an incorrectly inserted trocar into the abdomen, with aorta penetrated.
Ankle Trauma-Severe Dislocation
Views of a severely dislocated ankle.
Ankle Trauma-Severe Fracture-Dislocation
Views of a severe fracture-dislocation of the ankle, with fixation.
Baby, External Version
Views of a rotation of baby in utero through external manipulation.
Blood Clot Causes Stroke in the Brain
Views showing formation of a clot, it's travel to brain, and brain damage.
Bowel Resection-Removal of Necrotic Bowel
Views showing the removal of necrotic bowel.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Anatomical and surgical views of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Cervical Spine Fusion-Multiple Levels
Views of a multiple level cervical spine fusion with bone graft, plate & screws.
Cervical Spine Surgery-Diskectomy, Partial Vetebrectomy and Fusion
Anterior cervical diskectomy, partial vetebrectomy and fusion with bone graft and plate.
Cervical Spine Trauma and Nerve Root Compression
Cervical spine disc herniation, subluxation, spinal cord and nerve compression.
Cervical Spine Trauma-C6/C7 Dislocation, Quadriplegia
Sagittal, side and top views of a C6/C7 dislocation, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia.
Cervical Spine Trauma-Herniated Disc, Radiculopathy
Multiple views of a cervical spine disc herniation, with compressed nerve and radiculopathy.
Cervical Spine Trauma-Subluxation of C1/C2
Dramatic side and top views of a C1/C2 subluxation, with normal anatomy for comparison.
Cervical Spine-Burst Fracture w/ Complete Spinal Cord Injury
Views of a severe burst fracture in the cervical spine, with complete spinal cord injury.
Cervical Spine-Post-Traumatic Hypermobility
Effective diagrammatic views showing spinal components in excess extension, flexion, motion.
100 Results, Page 1 of 7
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