Stock Art Collection
Stock art is available from our vast selection of exhibits created for previous cases. Just as with custom art, it is available in traditional or electronic formats. Our selection is constantly updated so check back regularly.
Abdominal Aorta, Trocar Penetration
Views of an incorrectly inserted trocar into the abdomen, with aorta penetrated.
Ankle Trauma-Severe Dislocation
Views of a severely dislocated ankle.
Ankle Trauma-Severe Fracture-Dislocation
Views of a severe fracture-dislocation of the ankle, with fixation.
Baby, External Version
Views of a rotation of baby in utero through external manipulation.
Blood Clot Causes Stroke in the Brain
Views showing formation of a clot, it's travel to brain, and brain damage.
Bowel Resection-Removal of Necrotic Bowel
Views showing the removal of necrotic bowel.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Anatomical and surgical views of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Cervical Spine Fusion-Multiple Levels
Views of a multiple level cervical spine fusion with bone graft, plate & screws.
Cervical Spine Surgery-Diskectomy, Partial Vetebrectomy and Fusion
Anterior cervical diskectomy, partial vetebrectomy and fusion with bone graft and plate.
Cervical Spine Trauma and Nerve Root Compression
Cervical spine disc herniation, subluxation, spinal cord and nerve compression.
Cervical Spine Trauma-C6/C7 Dislocation, Quadriplegia
Sagittal, side and top views of a C6/C7 dislocation, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia.
Cervical Spine Trauma-Herniated Disc, Radiculopathy
Multiple views of a cervical spine disc herniation, with compressed nerve and radiculopathy.
Cervical Spine Trauma-Subluxation of C1/C2
Dramatic side and top views of a C1/C2 subluxation, with normal anatomy for comparison.
Cervical Spine-Burst Fracture w/ Complete Spinal Cord Injury
Views of a severe burst fracture in the cervical spine, with complete spinal cord injury.
Cervical Spine-Post-Traumatic Hypermobility
Effective diagrammatic views showing spinal components in excess extension, flexion, motion.
Cesarean Section, Emergency
Views showing anatomy, procedure of emergency cesarean section.
Chorion-Amnion Membrane Variations
Views of different types of chorion-amnion membranes (twins).
Clavicle Fracture, Non-union & Surgical Fixation
Views of fractured clavicle, non-union and fixation.
Common Bile Duct, Incorrect Excision of
Views of an incorrect excision of the common bile duct.
Coronary Arteries, Narrowing
Views of narrowed vs. normal coronary arteries.
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Repair
Views of cubital tunnel syndrome repair.
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Location, inset detail views of deep vein thrombosis.
Dental-Treatment History of a Tooth
Treatment history of a tooth, showing trauma through multiple procedures.
Ectopic Implantation of Fertilized Ovum
Anatomy of an abnormally(ectopic) implanted ovum, vs. normal implantation
Elbow Fracture and Dislocation
Views of a fractured elbow,and reduction.
Elbow Fracture and Dislocation
Views of an elbow fracture and dislocation.
Elbow-Fractured Ulna/Fixation, Left
Views of a fractured ulna, and wire fixation.
Electronic Fetal Monitoring, Full Term
Views of a full-term fetus in resting and contracting states,and with electronic fetal (external,internal)monitor in place.
Facial Trauma- Severely Fractured Mandible
Dramatic lateral and front views of a severe mandible fracture.
Facial Trauma-Le Fort 1 Fracture
Depiction of Le Fort 1 facial fracture.
Femur, Fractured
Views of a femur with intertrochantric and mid-shaft fractures,and fixation with plates and screws.
Femur, Severe Fractures of
Views of a severely fractured femur (intertrochanteric, mid-shaft fractures) and fixation with IM nail and screws.
Finger Trauma-Hyperextension
Views of a hyperextended finger fracture, and fixation.
Flexor Tendons of the Fingers
Anatomy of the flexor tendons.
Foramen Ovale vs. Normal Heart, Patent
Views of a normal heart vs. patent foramen ovale,
Fracture-Dislocation of the Elbow
Views of an elbow fracture and dislocation, and repair with fixation wires.
Fractured Femur, Reduction & External Fixator Applied
Views of a fractured femur, reduction, and application of external fixator.
Fractured Heel
Views of a severely fractured heel (calcaneus).
Fractured Pelvis and Femur
Location, anatomical views of femur and pelvis fractures, and fixation of the femur.
Fundoplication of Stomach
Anatomical view of a stomach fundoplication.
Gamekeeper's Thumb
Views of 'gamekeeper's thumb' trauma and repair.
Hand Amputation, Traumatic
Views of skeletal, soft tissue anatomy of a traumatic amputation.
Hand Amputation, Traumatic
Dramatic views of the anatomy of a traumatic hand amputation.
Head Trauma-Multiple Hematomas, Brain Injury
Dramatic side and top views of multiple hematomas, brain injury.
Head Trauma-Open Skull Fractures, Brain Injury
Severe, open head trauma, with skull fractures and brain injury.
Head Trauma-Skull Fracture, Intracerebral & Subdural Hematomas
Dramatic side, transparent side, & top views of closed head trauma with skull fracture, Intracerebral & subdural hematomas.
Hemidiaphragm Rupture
Views of a hemidiaphragm rupture, and herniation of abdominal organs into the chest.
Hypoplastic Ventricle, Post Modified Blalock Taussig Shunt w/ Bilateral Superior Vena Cava
Views of a hypoplastic left ventricle, post modified blalock taussig shunt with bilateral superior vena cava.
Knee Degeneration, Severe
Anatomical views of a severe knee degeneration vs. normal knee.
Knee Trauma-Fractured Patella
Views of a knee with fractured patella, surgical exposure, and fixation.
Knee Trauma-Fractures, Torn Ligaments & meniscus
Multiple views of tibial, fibula fractures, torn ligament & meniscus.
Knee Trauma-Torn Ligaments & Meniscus
Views of torn anterior cruciate ligament, medial meniscus, medial collateral ligament, and chondromalacia.
Knee-Anterior Cruciate ligament, Meniscus, Chondromalacia, Surgical Repair of
Views of repair of anterior cruciate ligament, meniscus and chondromalacia.
Knee-High Tibial Osteotomy, Overcorrection, Right
Views of an overcorrected high tibial osteotomy of the knee.
Leg Trauma (Lower) -Fractured Tibia & Fibula
Views of a severely fractured tibia and fibula, and repair with intramedullary rod.
Lumbar Spine Trauma-Collision Stresses L2/L3,Disc Suffers Prolapse
Views showing collision forces, spinal components including disc prolapse above level of fusion.
Lumbar Spine Trauma-Fractured Endplate
Views showing the mechanism of injury, anatomical views of an endplate fracture.
Lumbar Spine Trauma-L3 Chance Fracture
Views showing mechanism, anatomy of a chance fracture.
Lumbar Spine, Post Surgery-Fusion w/ Bone Graft, Cages, Pedicle Screws
Post surgery views showing L3-S1 fusion with bone graft, cages, pedicle screws and rods.
Lumbar Spine- Bulging Disc, Impinged Nerve Root
Location,side and axial views of a lumbar spine bulging disc and impinged nerve root.
Lumbar Spine-Flexion-Distraction Seat Belt Injury
Views of a flexion-distracton injury in the lumbar spine.
Lumbar Spine-Fusion at L2-S1
Post surgery views showing a L2-S1 fusion with cages, bone graft and pedicle screw system.
Lumbar Spine-Post-Trauma Surgery-L4/L5 Fusion
Views showing a L4/L5 fusion with bone graft, cages, pedicle screws and rods.
Lumbar Spine-Surgery-Laminotomy, Foraminotomy & Diskectomy
Views of a decompressive laminotomy, foraminotomy and diskectomy at L4/L5.
Lumbosacral Spine Trauma
Views of a lumbosacral spine with disc herniations, stenosis and facet disease.
Nuchal Cord during Labor
Views of a nuchal cord during labor as it may tighten around baby's neck.
Palmaris Tendon Graft to the Hand
Views of a palmaris tendon graft procedure.
Patella Fracture and Repair
Views of a patella fracture and repair.
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Views of a cystocele, rectocele, and repair of bladder with suspension surgery.
Views of phlebothrombosis, lower extremity.
Phrenic Nerves, Right & Left
Anatomical view of the phrenic nerves.
Placental Abruption vs. Normal Placenta
Anatomical,detail views of a placental abruption vs. normal placenta.
Placental Abruption, Twin B
Twins in utero, placental abruption.
Post-Traumatic Spinal Surgery-Anterior Transthoracic Diskectomy, Fusion
Views of an anterior transthoracic diskectomy, fusion with cage, bone graft.
Presentation at Birth
Views of different presentations of fetus at birth.
Anatomical location, components of the prostate.
Anatomical location, components, and enlarged detail of the prostate.
Pulmonary Embolism
Cutaway and detail views of a pulmonary embolism.
Radiculopathy with Allodynia and Neuropathic Pain
Cervical spine radiculopathy with allodynia and Neuropathic pain, nerve blocks.
Roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy
Views of a roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy.
Severe Ankle Fracture & Dislocation
Views of a severe ankle fracture and dislocation, and fixation.
Shoulder Impingement & Acromioclavicular Joint Arthrosis
Views of shoulder impingement & acromioclavicular joint arthrosis,and repair.
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Multiple views of the anatomy of impingement syndrome in the shoulder.
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and Subacromial Decompression
Location and anatomy of impingement syndrome, and subacromial decompression.
Shoulder-Torn Rotator Cuff
Location, anatomy of torn rotator cuff, and repair.
Sponge Left Behind after Surgery
Cutaway view,location showing a sponge left after surgery.
Thoracic Spine Trauma
Views of a thoracic spine disc herniation.
Thoracic Spine Trauma-Fracture & Dislocation
Views of a T11/T12 thoracic spine fracture, fixation with rods, graft.
Thoracic Spine-Multiple Fractures
Views showing multiple fractures in the thoracic spine.
Transverse Lie vs. Vertex Presentation
Views of two obstetrical variations,' transverse lie', and normal vertex presentations of the fetus.
Traumatic Brachial Plexopathy
Views of a brachial plexopathy.
Traumatic Cystocele and Urethrocele-caused by Lap Belt Force
Views of a traumatic cystocele, urethrocele from lap belt force.
Trigger Finger, Repair of
Views of a trigger finger, and repair with tenovaginotomy.
Trimalleolar Fracture of Ankle
Views of a trimalleolar fracture of the ankle.
Trimalleolar Fracture of the Ankle, Fixation of
Fixation views of a trimalleolar fracture.
Umbilical Cord (Prolapsed) and Vacuum Extraction
Views of a prolapsed cord and vacuum extraction in the birth process.
Umbilical Cord, Prolapse
Views of a prolapse of the umbilical cord.
Velamentous Insertion of Cord, with Twisting of Cords
Views of a velamentous insertion of umbilical cord, and twisting of cords in twins.
Vertex vs. Breech Presentation Delivery
Views of vertex vs. breech presentations at delivery.
Wrist, Impingement Syndrome
Views of an ulnocarpal impingement in the wrist, and repair.